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Over 90% of our graduates complete high school within four years, in a city with an on-time high school graduation rate that hovers around 65%.

Bryan Carter, President and CEO, in the Press as a Catholic Voices USA Associate at World Meeting of Families.

Throughout the World Meeting of Families, Bryan Carter, Gesu School President and CEO, served as a representative for Catholic laity through Catholic Voices USA. Stationed at the World Meeting of Families media center, Mr. Carter liaised with press to share his perspectives on how Pope Francis’ message of love and peace resonates in the family and at Gesu School.

Catholic Voices USA is an organization that speaks to current issues in the Catholic Church in a public forum. Mr. Carter was selected as one of 70 Associates to be present at the World Meeting of Families Conference. In this role, Mr. Carter’s insights were captured in the following national and regional publications:

Lopez: ‘Simple messages' often the most important

10/7/2015 - The Herald-News - Kathryn Jean Lopez 

The Pope and gospel power: An invitation of a lifetime didn’t end with wheels-up to Rome

10/5/2015 – National Review Online - Kathryn Jean Lopez

Simple messages are often the most important

10/2/2015 – The Citizen – Kathryn Lopez

It takes more than two to tango for Pope Francis

9/26/2015 – Washington Post (originally in Religion News Service) - Madi Alexander

It takes more than two to tango for Pope Francis

9/26/2015 - Religion News Service - Madi Alexander