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Over 90% of our graduates complete high school within four years, in a city with an on-time high school graduation rate that hovers around 65%.

Celebrating 175 Years with the IHM Sisters, Gesu School Co-Directors

The Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary celebrated 175 years of service and leadership through fidelity, creative hope, and love. Their charism and faith in action have impacted thousands of children’s lives across the globe and here in Philadelphia in our Gesu School community. The IHM conviction that every child can learn guides Gesu in our mission and our efforts to provide the highest quality education for each child, including remedial and advanced classes and a soft skills curriculum. 

Congratulations to the Sisters, and wishing them blessings on their good works!

Sr. Ellen Convey, IHM has served as Gesu School Principal for more than 25 years, leading the school to become a national model for urban education. 

Gesu librarian, Sr. Mary Bur, IHM shares the story of the IHM order with 1st grade students in early 2020. 

Sr. Ellen Thomas, IHM, assists in managing Gesu’s front office and with critical behind-the-scenes projects. 

Sr. Mary Ellen Tennity, IHM, Gesu Trustee and General Superior of the IHM congregation, delivers an invocation at the Gesu gala.

Sr. Stephen Anne Roderiguez, IHM, Gesu Trustee and First Councilor of the IHM General Council, visits with a Gesu kindergartener through the Sponsor a Child program.

Former Assistant Principal, Teacher, and Counselor, Sr. Pat McGrenra, IHM, enjoys a visit with Gesu students at the February 2020 Black History Month prayer service at Camilla Hall.

-All photos taken prior to March 2020