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Gesu Library Dedicated to Board Member and Volunteer, Vivienne Lambert Ehret.

On April 4, 2016, young Gesu readers, board members, and friends gathered to officially dedicate the library to Vivienne Lambert Ehret in honor of her extraordinary service as Gesu School Librarian since 2006.

Vivienne has served Gesu School in multiple capacities for 14 years. Elected to the Gesu School Board of Directors in 2002, Vivienne served as a steady presence in working towards the mission and championing Gesu’s educational model. Committed to Gesu’s students, Vivienne sponsored a student from grades 1-8 through our Sponsor a Child Program.

In 2006, Vivienne began volunteering full time as Gesu’s Librarian, a true testament to her dedication to Gesu’s students. In addition to holding classes and encouraging students to read, Vivienne undertook the enormous task of computerizing Gesu School’s entire library, cataloguing over 4,000 books by hand. Dedicated to the growth of the library at Gesu, Vivienne recruited and managed a stellar volunteer team to staff the library, further ensuring that 450 students enjoyed bi-weekly library sessions all year long. Vivienne served as a mentor, friend, and leader throughout the school.

In 2015, Gesu was extremely sad but so grateful to wish Vivienne well in her retirement from her positon as Gesu School Librarian. We recognize her contribution to building a library system for our students, who are blessed to have had the time they did with her.

At the dedication ceremony, Pre-K and Kindergarten students helped celebrate Vivienne through song, dance, and cards of thanks.

Gesu School Board Member and Volunteer, Keith Pension, delivered a moving tribute: “We dedicate this library to you, Ms. Vivienne, as a permanent symbol of your unwavering and unconditional inspiration and love of Gesu School. On behalf of Bryan Carter and Sr. Ellen Convey, IHM, the faculty, staff, and students at Gesu, and the Board of Directors, I extend our most sincere gratitude and love to you, for all you have contributed and for your inspiration, still very much present today.”