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Over 90% of our graduates complete high school within four years, in a city with an on-time high school graduation rate that hovers around 65%.

Gesu School Presented with “No Place for Hate” Designation by the Anti-Defamation League

On December 4, 2015, Gesu School was recognized for the third consecutive year as a “No Place for Hate” school. Assistant Project Director with No Place for Hate, Lindsay Shafer, presented this special honor to Gesu School students during a ceremony for grades 3-8. Ms. Shafer acknowledged students’ efforts to build an environment where all are respected and where diversity is celebrated. She encouraged students to continue this important work throughout the school year and beyond.

The ceremony featured student poetry and videos created to strengthen community and prevent bullying. Students in grades Pre-K through 8 recently participated in an anti-bullying initiative to draw awareness to the issue through art. View a sampling of students’ engaging designs and innovative videos below.  

In a gesture of unity, and led by Sr. Ellen Convey, IHM, Principal, students and staff together recited the No Place for Hate Promise and Resolution of Respect to end the ceremony.

To earn this 2015 designation from the ADL, Gesu School students participated in three school-wide opportunities to develop respect for themselves and others, empathy, and leadership.

For National Adoption Day, students wrote letters and created artwork to express gratitude for an adoptive parent or kinship parent. Bryan Carter, Gesu School President and CEO, addressed the school about his former work at The Cradle adoption agency and his experience as an adoptive parent.

Students, staff, and Gesu families and friends came together as a team for the ADL’s 2015 Walk Against Hate, joining the broader Philadelphia community. 

Through the Gesu No Place for Hate logo contest, students creatively displayed their commitment to appreciating differences. The winning design, by alumna, Caitlin, shares the message to stand up against bullying: “Spread the Word! Let Your Voice Be Heard.” To commemorate this year’s celebration, the logo was transformed into t-shirts, proudly worn by students and staff at the December 2015 ceremony.

Assistant Dean of Discipline, Alana Lee, plans to continue building on the momentum that the assembly generated well into 2016. She states, “Even though we only need to complete three approved projects for Gesu to be a No Place for Hate school, we have planned some fun educational projects and programs for the students each month, so No Place for Hate can truly be a part of our school’s culture.”

Lindsay Shafer, Assistant Project Director with No Place for Hate, presents the 2015-2016 No Place for Hate designation to Gesu Student Council representatives and Alana Lee, Assistant Dean of Discipline. 

Winners of the recent school-wide anti-bullying contest from grades Pre-K to 8 with Alana Lee, Assistant Dean of Discipline 

Inspiring student artwork spreads the message of understanding and respect for all. 

Watch this student video that denounces bullying and promotes tolerance.