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Over 90% of our graduates complete high school within four years, in a city with an on-time high school graduation rate that hovers around 65%.

March 5, 2020 is Gesu School’s One Day Giving Challenge!

Will you join us to make a difference in children's lives? On March 5, Gesu School is striving to meet three challenges! You can help raise critical funds for 450 students in North Philadelphia.  

Every day, Gesu provides a life-changing education. To continue as a trailblazer in urban education, Gesu relies on the annual support of donors. The One Day Challenge plays a vital role in raising the funds necessary to offer an innovative learning environment. Together, we are shaping today's learners into tomorrow's leaders.

2020 One Day Challenge Goals:

Challenge #1: If 650 friends make a donation, in any amount, The Z Foundation will contribute $15,000 to Gesu.

Challenge #2: If we receive 50 donations of $100 or more, Tim & Ellen Foster and Mary Kate Leonard will donate a combined $5,000 to Gesu.

Challenge #3: If we receive 10 donations of $500 or more, a generous donor will contribute $5,000 to Gesu.

Help Gesu School achieve our One Day Challenge goals by...

  1. Visit Gesu’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages to share a post on March 5!
  2. Sign up for Gesu’s News & Events email list. Forward an email to your network on March 5.

Every gift directly benefits Gesu School students and provides essential learning tools. 
Thank you for your support!