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Modell's Sporting Goods gives boost to track team.

The track runners loved their tent that travelled to meets with them season after season. It protected them from the rain and the sweltering sun as they anxiously awaited their events.

But this year, we sadly discovered the team's tent had not survived winter storage.

Enter Modell's. The sporting goods store has generously offered to provide two pop-up tents to replace the ruined one. Modell's is also supplying the teams with stop watches, whistles and water bottles.

The donations will be a big help to the team, which began its season on March 22nd. "The runners are excited," says coach Pat Leaf. "Every year, they can't wait. They start asking in September when the track season starts."

Click here for the team's schedule.

In addition, "Team Weeks" for the Gesu track team run from March 21 - April 17 at Modell's. With your Team Weeks coupon, you save 15% and the Gesu track team gets 5% back on purchases made.

Get your Modell's 15% off coupon to support the Gesu track team.

And thank Modell's for us while you're there!

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